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Translating the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence makes several definitive statements regarding the rights of the people and where those rights come from.  First, the Declaration acknowledges that the source of rights is the Creator, calling them the “Laws of Nature and of … Continue reading

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Why Should We Care About the Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important founding documents of the United States.  However, in modern days it becomes overlooked–why should we care about the complaints of some colonists over 200 years ago against a king long … Continue reading

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The IRS Version of Sleeping Beauty

I owe you, I robbed from you once upon a scheme. I owe you, that grief in your eyes is so familiar aggrieved. Yet I know it’s true, that income is seldom all it seems. But if I owe you, … Continue reading

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Classic Debate Between Me and A Liberal

@pjason2013 again your opinion, not absolute truth.Why must you force your religious beliefs on me? — Kelly Campagna (@warriorwoman91) April 14, 2013

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Should Conservatives Moderate Their Position?

I frequently hear from different political organizations discussing new strategies in order for the GOP to win future elections.  One school of thought suggest that social conservatives need to moderate their position on gay marriage, since according to some, “they’ve … Continue reading

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Funny video of me reading (and singing) from my new favorite book

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How Liberals Argue

The way liberals argue about gun control is to refer to the gun, not the person, as the criminal. This gives them emotional license to regulate and ban guns or magazines however they want, because anyone in favor of the … Continue reading

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The Real Unemployment Rate

So for those of you that either don’t do research, or just don’t care, the unemployment rate that the news gives us is called U3, which consists of those people who are on unemployment.  This does not include those who … Continue reading

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