Comments are individually monitored by the administrators of this site (and the NSA). The following are the requirements that all comments must meet if they are to be published. (Note:  These are the admin’s rules, however the NSA may have their own set of requirements.)

1. There must be NO profanity in said comment(s). Profanity = anything that would be considered an FCC violation.

2. No comments with external links will be posted. Exceptions are links to other internal posts, or sites listed in the “News” tab.

3. Said comment(s) must be on topic. For example, if I post about Keynesian economics I don’t want to hear about your views on gay marriage.

P.S. Since so few of my readers are apparently unable to comment without breaking the first or second of these rules, the admin is taking the liberty of editing out all profanity or external links from their comments so that they can still be posted.


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