The Conservative Guide to the Alphabet

Since so many of my friends are either having kids or have young kids learning to read, I thought I’d be helpful and take the time to introduce them to the way the alphabet should be taught to conservative kids. Let us begin!

A is for Ann Coulter

B is for Breitbart

C is for Constitution

D is for Drudge

E is for Economy

F is for Founding Fathers

G is for Guns

H is for Hamilton (as in Alexander)

I is for Ingraham

J is for Justice

K is for Kickoff (as in American football)

L is for Liberty

M is for Military

N is for New Media

O is for O’Keefe

P is for President

Q is for Question Authority

R is for Rush

S is for Shapiro

T is for Twitter

U is for United States

V is for Veteran

W is for Warriorwoman91

X is for Xevious (because video games are inherently conservative)

Y is for Yiannopoulos

Z is for Zero Base Budgeting