Amnesty Backers vs. Obamacare Bashers

You’ve all heard the Democratic narrative that Republicans need to make themselves more appealing to Hispanic voters in order to win elections right? Well apparently some our alleged conservatives from years past have taken this narrative to heart. The most popular Republicans following the 2012 elections were Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin and Senator Marco Rubio from Florida. Since then Marco Rubio has done everything, and I mean everything, to pass an amnesty bill, up to and including lying to the American populace regarding its so-called border security measures.

Although the Senate bill passed into the House–like a gall-stone–it has been named dead on arrival. Unfortunately another chess piece, namely the tarnished white knight Paul Ryan, has been rumored to have his own version of the amnesty bill to be brought up before the House in the hopes that it will go to conference and ultimately pass into law. All this in the name of, “I want to run for president in 2016.”

Of course the idea that Democrats want to help Republicans by offering up one of their largest voting blocks is absolutely absurd, but shall we fast forward to today’s politics. Both Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio have had their approval ratings plummet, falling several points behind Tea Party favorites such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, and even the massively progressive Chris Christie (must be embarrassing). So now we see Marco Rubio turning around and denouncing his own amnesty bill in fear that in an attempt to “win Hispanics” he has angered his conservative base.

The most promising bit of political analysis is actually (shockingly) found in Ken Cuccinelli’s defeat in the race for Virginia governor. Cuccinelli was known by the media as a sure fired loser. Double digits behind his opponent as Democrats poured money into both their candidate and even a Libertarian to sway votes away, there was absolutely no way Cuccinelli could ever dream of winning…until three days before the election. Suddenly, Cuccinelli sweeps up in the polls and despite the DNC, the Libertarians, and even the RNC opposing him, he almost won the Virginia governorship just by being conservative and taking a stand against Obamacare. Perhaps alleged losers like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio should stop acting like Democrats and start fulfilling campaign promises by being conservative.

“The board is set. The pieces are moving.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

Remember 2010.