Should Conservatives Moderate Their Position?

I frequently hear from different political organizations discussing new strategies in order for the GOP to win future elections.  One school of thought suggest that social conservatives need to moderate their position on gay marriage, since according to some, “they’ve already lost [the argument].”

Here’s the problem: the GOP has already lost the conservatives, be they social or fiscal.  4 million conservatives stayed home in the last election, causing Mitt Romney’s loss.  We haven’t won the presidency since 2004; we couldn’t even win back the Senate in 2012.  The RNC is kidding itself if it believes that the Republican party still has any presidential viability or that it is going to recover any as it continues to look more and more like the Democratic party.

The voters are not obligated to change their beliefs simply in order to fit in a political strategist’s box of acceptable candidates that are allowed to run (and ultimately lose).  The Republican Party needs to decide if it is going to represent conservatives, or if it is going to represent some other ideology. “He who tries to please everyone, pleases no one.” -Aesop


2 thoughts on “Should Conservatives Moderate Their Position?

  1. Perhaps as the ones who claim to be the moral choice they should not be politically strategizing, but staying the “moral course” or the whole country will react to them like they did Kerry. With flip flops on their hands and no votes in the box. Or they could give up the “moral” ones thing that makes their party seem completely hypocritical and just go whole hog political. One can’t come from another because the moral and political strive for completely different ends and come from completely different sources. Just one independent’s opinion.

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