When People Try To Shut You Down

I’m frequently inundated with tweets from so-called “Christians” telling me that I should spend less time talking about politics. According to some, I’m “obsessive” when it comes to divisive and controversial issues such as abortion, and as a Christian I ought to spend more time talking about the Gospel.

My contention is that the reason why abortion has become such a large scale institution is precisely because Christians have not been more outspoken. We’ve been cowered into silence, whether it’s by the threat of losing tax exempt status, or because we’re afraid of push back, or we just don’t care. Christians absolutely need to be involved in political and social issues, as we’re seeing the tragic and horrendous consequences of our ignorance.

Now this is not to say that Christians should not talk about the Gospel–of course we should. However, if the idea of talking about the Gospel exclusively, means ignoring the hundreds of thousands of children aborted every year or pretending that the issue doesn’t exist if we don’t talk about it, then you can count me out. I refuse to have my freedom of speech shut down by people who either disagree with or are threatened by my beliefs.


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