Winning the Millennial Vote Superhero Style!

Attribution: Gage Skidmore

Attribution: Gage Skidmore

One day I’ll make the trip to Comic Con and cosplay as Margaret Thatcher. I’ll set up my own booth and sell tea from Two if By Tea and pocket constitutions. I’m sure I’ll be escorted out in no time, but not before I’ve turned a few heads in the conservative direction. Seriously why don’t more conservatives get involved in pop culture activities? We’re always eight years behind in technology (hello, social media!) and turn up our noses at potentially fun activities like Comic Con because they’re “not serious politics” or some such nonsense. This is how you influence millennials folks–meet them where they are. It’s made ridiculously easy, and only a stuffy old Republican could make the process so complicated.

I want to thank Lisa De Pasquale for writing the stellar article that inspired this response (and for using my favorite comic book villain in the title). Far too often the aged and the aloof complain about the lack of Millennial support of the Republican Party or the conservative cause, yet refuse to take the necessary and often simple steps in order to attract their attention.


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