Why Republicans Should Not Just Shut Up and Get in Line with Trump

Folks, I’m in a quandary.

We are in a predicament regarding President-elect Trump. Many Republicans are calling for waiting period in which we hold off criticism of our President-elect due to the fact that he is in no position to actually affect policy change until he is inaugurated into office. This is a valid argument to some degree–Trump should be given a chance to actually enact policy before his success as a president can be evaluated.

My problem is with those who would claim that I should offer no criticism of anything Trump says or does between now and Inauguration Day. For example, Trump’s cabinet appointments have caused great concern among many conservatives, especially with the choice of Steven Bannon–champion of the alt-right–or Reince Priebus–poster-boy for the establishment. Both of these selections are problematic at best, yet the Newt Gingriches of the world tell us we have to get in line with Trump.

Donald Trump has to be Donald Trump and the country will organize itself around who he is.

No, Mr. Gingrich. I will not. Trump may be a blank slate as far as his record of enacting policy, but this idea that I have to shut up while the President-elect appoints establishment figures or sympathizers to the alt-right to his cabinet is bordering on intra-party censorship that I fear will be used to excuse broken promises and bad behavior in the future.

By no means am I taking back my vote for Trump–Hillary would have been light-years worse. Despite this vote, however, I find myself perfectly within my prerogative to criticize the pending administration now even with these early statements and selections. I refuse to conform to this group-think idea of “give him a chance” which in many cases translates to “just shut up why don’t you” and go along for the ride.

So when the President-elect appoints Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist, I will say something. When the President-elect calls conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to thank him for his support, I will object. When the President-elect starts walking back promises to repeal Obamacare or deal with illegal immigration, I will scream from the rooftops! This is not sabotage, as some would call it, but holding the next president accountable for his promises and actions.


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