My Question to the “Pro Choice”

I’m the kind of person that likes to know exactly what an issue is before I support or oppose it. Especially on the issue of abortion–which many people claim to be the termination of human life–I want to be absolutely clear what it actually is.

Whenever I try to have a discussion with someone who is pro choice, they usually have no problem claiming the reasonable title of “choice.” The change in their tone comes when I try to share the research I’ve done on the procedure and its consequences. They get angry. They get mean. They tell me I shouldn’t be talking or thinking about things like this.

So my question to those who are pro choice: why do you have a problem with me talking about the abortion procedure?


Man Tricks Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill, But Why The Murder Charge?

So this guy is charged with murder for allegedly tricking his girlfriend into taking an abortion pill. He apparently switched the pills inside her bottle of prescription drug with the abortion pills after she refused to abort the baby at his insistence. My question is why the murder charge? If the fetus is not viable in the eyes of the court in the case of an abortion with a consenting woman, what changes it to viable in the case of a non-consenting woman?

My point: it’s either a human being, or it isn’t. The differentiation between whether the woman wants the child or not doesn’t change the fact that it is a living person being destroyed in the most inhumane way.  Why else would Kermit Gosnell have to sever the spines of abortion survivors or shove their bodies into jars of poison if they were not living?!

These morbid scenarios occur largely because we have allowed them to.  Premarital sex has become the norm, and with it abortion as it destroys 1/3 of children born in the United States.  The outrage regarding these crimes has been stifled by a willfully silent media, and a largely uninterested public.  How long will the atrocity of human sacrifice to the god of convenience to continue? As long as we let it.

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