One thought on “Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry

  1. Oh no, i can hardly believe that murderer has the nerve to actually be proud of what he does. Plus, he is still practicing medicine. i remember when abortions were illegal in this country. i knew people who thought Europe was advanced because abortions were legal in some of those countries. Now, look at us. i do not think that we have advanced because we are performing abortions. i think we are on a sad slide backwards. God forgive us. Women of child-bearing age, if you become pregnant please realize that the little life growing inside you is exactly that, a little life. Love that baby, but if you cannot love that baby, respect that young life. Who knows what he or she may become. The doctor in this video makes it sound like the woman having the abortion is strong. She is not strong at all. She takes the easy way out. It is easy to have an abortion. People are so tolerant now, few will even say anything about it. That is, if they even find out, confidentiality being what it is today. Strength comes in going through with the pregnancy, taking the criticism and ridicule with chin up and shoulders back. Strength is in offering the baby that has been carried inside for 9 months to a couple who desperately want a child, who will be able to offer that child love and hope. We cannot continue on this backward slide. God, open our eyes please.

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