How to Debunk the Gender Pay Gap to Your Friends


That’s right folks, I’m offended by that feminist lie that women are yet again victims of another patriarchal evil known as the gender pay gap–the idea that women are paid substantially less than men for equal work simply because they are women. This nonsensical idea is fed by reports from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Office of National Statistics, based on what journalist Milo Yiannopoulos explains as broad averages of men and women from all societies, all income levels, and all walks of life regardless of other factors. The feminist infested culture latches on to these statistics as evidence that there is massive discrimination against women in the workplace, indoctrinating many unsuspecting culture consumers who passively receive only partial facts.

There are several reasons why this notion that discrimination in the workplace causes women to earn less is false:

-women work more part-time jobs

-women choose jobs that are lower paid

-as child bearers, women are more likely to stay at home taking care of children rather than working in a paid capacity

-men tend to work more difficult and more dangerous jobs

The most deceitful way that feminists assert that there is a discriminatory wage gap is by presenting wages as if they are the same as earnings. By explaining the difference between the two, you can easily debunk the gender pay gap to your friends with my simple illustration. If there are two employees, one male and one female, each doing the same job for $10 an hour, they make the same wage. However, if the female employee chooses to work part time while the male chooses a full time position, the male will necessarily earn more income overall than the female. Feminists–and liberals in general–will disingenuously imply that women only earn less because they are paid a lower wage solely due to the fact they are women, which in reality is completely untrue.

So the next time Hayley Atwell or Jennifer Lawrence trots out on stage complaining that they made less money than the men they worked with, remind your friends that Western women are not victims, they have free reign over the types of work they choose, and if they really want to make as much or more money than men they should go out and earn it!


The Liberal Guide to the Alphabet

In the interest of fairness, equality, and social justice, I’ve decided that as a sequel to my humorous “Conservative Guide to the Alphabet” I would explain to my readers just how the alphabet is taught to liberal children. Let us begin!

A is for Abortion

B is #BlackLivesMatter

C is for Climate Change

D is for DNC

E is for Executive Order

F is for Feminist


H is for Hillary

I is for Iran Nuclear Deal

J is for Joblessness

K is for Ku Klux Klan

L is for Liberal

M is for Marxist

N is for New Age Philosophy

O is for Offended

P is for Privilege

Q is for Quantitative Easing

R is for Racist

S is for Socialism

T is for Taxes

U is for University

V is for Van Jones

W is for Welfare

X is for Xenophobe

Y is for Yale

Z is for Zinn (as in Howard the Marxist)