The Liberal Guide to the Alphabet

In the interest of fairness, equality, and social justice, I’ve decided that as a sequel to my humorous “Conservative Guide to the Alphabet” I would explain to my readers just how the alphabet is taught to liberal children. Let us begin!

A is for Abortion

B is #BlackLivesMatter

C is for Climate Change

D is for DNC

E is for Executive Order

F is for Feminist


H is for Hillary

I is for Iran Nuclear Deal

J is for Joblessness

K is for Ku Klux Klan

L is for Liberal

M is for Marxist

N is for New Age Philosophy

O is for Offended

P is for Privilege

Q is for Quantitative Easing

R is for Racist

S is for Socialism

T is for Taxes

U is for University

V is for Van Jones

W is for Welfare

X is for Xenophobe

Y is for Yale

Z is for Zinn (as in Howard the Marxist)


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