My California Voter’s Ballot

Governor: Kashkari (though both candidates are for amnesty)
Lt. Governor: Nehring
Secretary of State: Peterson
Controller: Swearengin
Treasurer: Conlon
Attorney General: Gold
Insurance Commissioner: Gaines
Member State Board of Equalization District 1: Runner
U.S. House Rep: McClintock
State Senator: Berryhill
State Assembly: Bigelow (though I held my nose)
Judicial–Goodwin Liu: NO
Judicial–Mariano-Florentino Cuellar: NO
Judicial–Kathryn Mickle Werdegar: NO
Judicial–Rosendo Pena, Jr: NO
Judicial–Gene M. Gomes: NO (are you seeing a pattern here?)
Judicial–Dennis A. Cornell: NO
Judicial–Donald R. Franson, Jr: NO
Judicial–Stephen J. Kane: NO
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tuck
Prop 1: NO, overall waste, no new production of water
Prop 2: NO, encourages wasteful spending
Prop 45: NO, too much money
Prop 46: NO, too much money
Prop 47: NO, too lenient on dangerous offenders
Prop 48: NO, too much money


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