Think Before You Tweet

One night I was perusing through the #iHateItWhenPeople hashtag and I noticed this gem of a tweet from a self proclaimed liberal.


I would just like to ask my dear friend Jesse if he took the time to read my bio in which I describe myself as a Christian conservative (among other things), would the first thing that came to his mind be a stereotype? Do you think of a sheltered, home schooled girl still wet behind the ears that “clings to God and guns?” Well it turns out that Jesse (from NorCal) actually believes in a few stereotypes as well, demonstrated in a previously retweeted post.


This retweet clearly expresses the false stereotype that prolifers only care about unborn children, and don’t give a rip about what happens to them after they are born.  Perhaps by retweeting this false stereotype of cruelty and heartlessness Jesse was trying to explain to us why we shouldn’t believe media narratives or political caricatures–or perhaps not. It’s unfortunate that the same people that cry against bigotry only seem to desire open-mindedness for opinions that they agree with, while stereotyping those they do not.


One thought on “Think Before You Tweet

  1. Why do you eagerly seek out and try to humiliate people for their views? As a self proclaimed Christian woman, your way of exerting your opinion is very aggressive. Jesus wasn’t a finger pointer, aggressive, or someone who attempted to display anyone else’s wrongs for the whole world to see. The message you are trying to make here is completely juxtaposing what Jesus would have done. Jesus was not trying to prove everyone wrong, Jesus was not fighting other people to be heard or be “right”, Jesus was instead extending his love and peace to those around him. I would suggest to you to take your own advice and think very carefully about what you represent… And if you are TRULY representing it the right way.

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