How To Talk To A Liberal: Big Government

What in the world do government and mistletoe have in common? Actually, quite a lot. Mistletoe is a parasite that sucks nutrients out of its host tree–I should know with how much is in my backyard. Usually the tree is large enough to handle the loss of some of its nutrients. However when the mistletoe grows so large that it takes more than the host tree can provide, they both ultimately wither and die.

The same story is true with government. In this case, government is the parasite that sucks finances in the form of taxes out of the private sector–again I should know since I pay all of my own taxes. Healthy economies maintain a small government that they can afford to sustain. However, current administrations, from Greece to Italy to the United States, have rapidly expanded their governments at the expense of their economies. As we look in the case of ancient Rome, the outcome of bloated government is the same as that of the bloated mistletoe tree:  death.

Just look at the 2013 government shutdown. 83% of government was still up and running, but who came to the rescue of the other 17%? Of course it was the private sector. Private charities stepped up to fund military death benefits. The RNC offered to fund the World War II memorial for 30 days. Whenever the government needs or wants something, it always turns to the private sector for more and more and more taxes. I’d say it’s time to trim the government mistletoe so we can have a healthier economic tree.


One thought on “How To Talk To A Liberal: Big Government

  1. Excellent comparison. If used metaphorically, it’d probably catch a lot of folks flat-footed.
    WSJ today ups the “functioning” % to 83.6% or some such: the closed down parts would be a good place to start cutting back. We haven’t disappeared or turned to dust yet.

    If you haven’t had a chance yet today, see Op-Ed in the WSJ today. One of Reagan’s advisors, like David Pearce last night, takes Barry to task in a major way. Thanks for your work!

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